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With college back in full swing my day has been filled with preparing lessons, lecturing, filling in forms and trying to remember new students names. And while this may have played havoc with my blog-writing slots, my to-do list is looking great.

For the first time in a long while I look at my to-do list and I am filled with the glorious sense of achievement. It is only Wednesday morning and half of my list is crossed out and I only have two ‘big’ time consuming items left to finish by Friday, the rest are only little things that litter my list.

And even though I know that this feeling of achievement is only short lived and the initial dopamine rush will quickly subside, I can bask in the glow of self-esteem for  a little while.

After all, we need a feeling of self-esteem to find the drive within ourselves to achieve what we dream of. Maybe this has to do with the simple fact that most things in life can only be accomplished with a lot of hard work. Most of us have learned over time that just wanting something sadly doesn’t make it happen. If you want to write a book you need to write, if you want to find a job you need to apply, if you want to win a medal you have to train.

But luckily for us once we realise this our goals are within our reach, we only need to start walking towards them. So with that in mind, I will take a few more steps today by doing my to-dos, knowing that my tiny dream of an empty list is just a few strokes of my pen away.

And with this wonderful quote from the wise and hard-working Albert Einstein, I leave you all for today and will be back tomorrow:

Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible