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I have itchy fingers today, the urge to make, create or imagine is strong but I can’t quite figure out where to start. It is a bit like the feeling you get when a word or name is on the tip of your tongue but miles out of your reach, that frustrating sensation at the back of your mind when you can’t quite catch the idea or thought that is dancing in the shadows never stepping into the light.

This feeling isn’t new to me but I have never been able to figure out a way to channel it into one project and normally end up with a frustrated day filled with half started things. So today I have decided I  will try something different, I will tend this captive creativity and wait till one idea ignites a spark that bursts into flames.

But until that happens I think i will just shoulder my camera and go for a stroll, see what my lense finds and maybe, just maybe my creativity will break free and I’ll have something to show at the end of the day. As Albert Einstein so aptly puts it:

True Art is characterised by an irresistible urge in the creative artist