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At first the ‘e’ disappeared, then the ‘c’ went AWOL, after that the ‘w’ typed as ‘rt’ and when I hit ‘enter’ the letter ‘d’ just went for an unstoppable marathon down the page. It was the nightmare of every writer, my keyboard stopped working, started losing letters while the muse inspired.

So I had to save, reboot , replace the batteries but when the keyboard still was typing to its very own mispellt music, I packed it into my bag and went into town. My quest for a working ‘qwerty’ took me to the Mac store and was quickly disillusioned when I was told they don’t repair, especially when well out of warranty and then nearly dashed when the keyboards were out of stock.

Not wanting to be deterred, I decided to try my luck on the other side of the Liffey and PC World looked high and low till they found me a newly delivered and packed shiny new keyboard.  Clutching it with my restless fingers I waited to pay and suddenly realized I never asked the price. Luckily I had my credit card in my purse and although it hurt to spend most of my weekly budget on all those letters I decided it was worth it. After all I spend most of my day at my desk and a little bit of luxury for my fingertips is something i think I deserve.

So now I sit and type and as my fingers fly over the keyboard I enjoy the silk smooth texture and sparkling newness. Sadly the muse left while I was out and now I’ll never know what could have been if ‘qwerty’ hadn’t let me down.

a glimpse at my work in progress, and the new shiny keyboard

a glimpse at my work in progress, and the new shiny keyboard