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With the 2nd of January just begun it is inevitable that I have to come out of my holiday hibernation and face the mundaness of every day life. And while the year may have changed, much still stays the same, like my pile of end of year corrections I need to tackle.

Sadly Santa’s little helpers didn’t come and dip there upturned shoes into red ink and tap dance their way across the pages for me, which means I now need to spend the day with a red pen in hand. But I still have a few days left before my hectic lecturing hours take over my life again, so I will make sure to enjoy some time everyday reading, writing, knitting and just being.

Another thing my holiday hibernation has left behind is that little sluggish feeling of too many German Christmas cookies and not enough exercise. So with my gym bag packed and runners tied I think I will start the day with a little run, maybe swim but definitely steam. Hopefully I will get back into a routine quickly so that when college starts up again I won’t find it to hard to keep going.

And while my eyes are firmly fixed on the days ahead and my mind is filled with all that needs to be done, my heart yearns a little for the days between Christmas Eve and New Years day. A time where I didn’t need to be anywhere, could do what I pleased and while away the hours in front of the fire. But the lure of the holiday hibernation lies in its unique timing and that it only happens once a year.

So with the next holiday hibernation 358 days away I will keep that wonderfully relaxed feeling tucked away inside of me to be remembered when life gets a little mad and time seems to be running out. And maybe, just maybe, if I’m really good this year Santa’s little helpers will do all my corrections for me next Christmas.