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On Saturday, before opening my marzipan advent-calendar,  I changed my radio station to 94.3fm and have been rooking around my home to a constant supply to Christmas songs ever since.

I have to admit a big part of loving Christmas so much has to do with the cheesy music and sing-a-long texts, and as soon as I hear “Last Christmas” by Wham for the first time I know Christams is near.

So on Saturday and Sunday I emptied out my chest (yes a real wooden chest) of decorations and started christmasfiying my home. I hung up stockings, stars and even some beautiful shoes (well skates) and frolicked around the place in yuletide glee.

On Sunday I lit the first candle and had breakfast in the warm glow of the flame already looking forward to lighting the next one this weekend. I sat and wrote my first Christmas cards, packed my first parcel (New Zealand is along way away) all the while humming, singing and often even yowling along to every Song Christmas FM threw my way.

Christmas FM … have a listen