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It’s Thursday and for some reason I can’t shake this Monday morning feeling. It feels like I have a full week looming ahead of me and not a weekend to sit back and savour a few precious moments of free time.

Maybe it has to do with the work load still on my desk, the knowledge that although the weekend may only be just two sleeps away the work will still be there stealing away my time.

With Wednesday being a hump-day it should mean that me-time is nearly there, but somehow my Thursday has turned into this weeks hump-day, making Sunday the only day to recharge my batteries.

However to combat this Monday morning feeling lurking around I think I will just decide to forget about time, live in the now, enjoy the brisk cold air and listen to some Dusty Springfield.  And maybe I can just decide to enjoy what I have already done instead of dreading what still needs to be ticked off my to-do-list, enjoy my successes no matter how small.

With that in mind I will make myself  a hot cup of tea, treat myself to a bit of Toblerone and dance to “I only wanna laugh”, shimmy and shake that Monday morning feeling away.