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I should really know better than to plan, but since I have my friend’s car (yes the one I broke  two weeks ago) I wanted to drive out into the countryside and spend the day frolicking and taking photos.

Sadly the weather has decided that rain is the flavour of the day, so I am stuck indoors listening to the pitter-patter of raindrops playing drums on my window panes. But then maybe it’s a good thing that I get to stay home today, after all I’ve had a busy week and a bit of ‘staying-in-time”. Time to sit back, relax, watch a movie and just be.

But since I did go out for an evening stroll yesterday I think I will just share the photos in the fading daylight I took of Howth, my favorite place in Dublin, possibly the world. So while I put on the kettle I leave you with my photos and this beautiful quote by the great Pulitzer prize and Noble prize winner William Faulkner:

The scattered tea goes with the leaves and every day sunset dies

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