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This morning I awoke to blue skies and the sun peeking in under my blinds and when I let it snap up a blast of sunshine bathed my bedroom in the most beautiful autumn light.

Today is one of those snappingly cold clean crisp days I love so much. The sky is a bright vivid blue, lined with a few clouds and the sun is low in the sky tinging everything in a yellowy/orange light, making those autumn leaves glow.

I love this time of year, when it’s time to wrap up warm, bring out the boots and legwarmers, and every evening is filled with crackling fires, hot cups of tea and the anticipation that Christmas isn’t too far. Suddenly your cosy home becomes a haven of warmth, your clothes transformed into cuddly jumpers that feel like permanent hugs and you enjoy comfort food like stews.

I even love that it’s time for early morning porridge, a little bit of brown sugar and a handful of raisins to sweeten the deal. I enjoy the way the cold air pinches my cheeks and makes my eyes sparkle and the fact that my tick woolen socks keep my toes nice and toasty.

So now I am going to wrap up and head out into the streets of Dublin a smile on my face and the knowledge that when I come home I can curl up in front of the hearth with a steaming cup of tea and a book. And I will leave you with the beautiful words by the wonderful Albert Camus:

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower