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Yesterday I bumped into Snow-white while strolling down O’Connel Street and when I hurried to the post office this morning the Wolf and little Red Riding Hood playing hootch-scotch on the pavement.  Halloween is upon us with its purple and orange decorations and grinning pumpkin faces.

So when a friend asked me if I wanted to join her on her favorite holiday and get all dressed up to go out I agreed, but this was last week. So when she doubled checked with me yesterday afternoon I was shocked into action trying to figure out how to create a last-minute costume. My friend has been preparing for weeks, making a cardboard baby-grand and buying a sequined jacket, she even has a wig to perfect her Liberace outfit. So I knew, no matter what I pulled together I would look a little pale in comparison. But I didn’t want to let her down and remembering I own a witches hat, a gift don’t ask, I rummaged around in my wardrobe for a black dress with wide sleeves.

I sat down to wait for the the text with our meeting details, clicking my buckled black shoes happy with my outfit, maybe not Liberace but a recognizable with none the less. However when the text finally came our outing was canceled due to a headache and other reasons and I felt a little bit silly sitting in my living room with long stripy socks, pig tails and a black and yellow velvet witches hat. But because I didn’t what to waste the dress-up I put on some music and danced to my 80’s hits and poured myself a glass of red.

And as the hands on my clock moved towards the witching hour I changed into my pyjamas and sat down in front of the fire, leaving the witching up to all those real witches and ghosts, who spook  around at night.

waiting for a the little gouls and ghosts