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My fingers look like a disaster zone, chipped nails, paper cuts, some stubborn paint that just won’t come off and some dirt seems to have made a permanent home under my fingernails. But my wooden box and shabby bedside table look all the better for it.

After a few late nights of painting, slicing up old newspapers (I scarified some of ad pages I had from a 1891 issue of Graphic ) gluing the pieces into place (jigsaw-style) and varnishing the whole lot I have to say I am quite proud of the outcome.

the up-dated bedside table

the side view

just a detail

I wasn’t sure about the colour when I first started painting. It said burnt caramel on the tin but I just think it looks like tea with lots of milk, not really the shade of brown I was hoping for. But with the yellowing newspaper and the black ink breaking it up, I actually have changed my mind and quite like the hue.

looks like nearly new


Of course the decoupaging took much longer than I thought it would, I really did underestimate  the time I needed to chop up the newspaper and  the arranging was trickier than expected. I only gave the the pieces a second varnish this morning at 7.30am, before I sleepily hurried off to lecture. But the dark bags under my eyes and lack of sleep dulling my thoughts  is a price I am happy to pay to now own these two beautifully unique pieces, if I may say so myself.

decoupage finis

I can’t wait to put them into my freshly painted bedroom and arrange my knick-knacks and bits and bobs on top and into them. My sleeping sanctuary is really coming together and I just can’t wait to fall asleep  tonight and wake up to such a beautiful place tomorrow morning.