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I am having one of those mornings, things just seem to be going left instead of right. Not a great start to a day that is meant to be filled with painting and I predict more than one spillage.

I got up bright and early, feeling good about the day I had planned ahead of me, looking forward to a bright new bedroom when I banged my foot on the corner of my bed and had to do the hoppy-de-hop to the bathroom,  giving out to everyone and everything even though I was on my own. Then I broke a frame while moving a picture out of the bedroom and I really thought things couldn’t get any worse, but they did, like they always do when you dare to think otherwise.

But the biggest coup of the morning was the fact that I broke my friends car. I have no idea how it happened and I really feel bad about it. You see she was over in London this weekend and generously left me her car to use, the only condition was to bring her to the airport and pick her up. So when I got into the car this morning, ready to go and collect up, I flicked on the windscreen-wipers and somehow, I am not sure how, I broke off the little lever. It must have caught in the sleeve of my jacket because the next thing I know was hearing a loud SNAP, followed by a clunk when the top of the lever hit the floor of the car.

At first I was confused and couldn’t quite compute what had happened, but that quickly turned to shock, then anger (at myself), which transformed into fury at the world. And the only coherent thought I had was: “Doesn’t the Hulk get angry before he breaks things?”  No I didn’t turn green, and no I don’t have superhuman strengths but obviously it was the only explanation my mind had for my mishap.

So as I drove to pick my friend up,  I shed a tear, felt sick and rehearsed my apology in my mind. But low and behold she wasn’t angry, didn’t hate me like I thought she would. Of course I will be paying for the damage but the relief I feel about her not being upset is priceless and has turned my frown upside down. And who knows maybe the Hulk is really good at painting and I’ll get my bedroom done in half the time.

thanks http://weknowmemes.com for lending me their image