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Walking home the other night I saw something I really wasn’t expecting. A team of burly looking men were busy putting up the Dublin Christmas lighting.  And when I get home and settled down to watch the news I was surprised by a Christmas themed advert.

Now I am a big Christmas lover, it is my favourite time of the year! I love when the air is crispy cold and you can smell snow or ice, I enjoy decorating my home, putting up my stocking and going to Christmas markets. I adore sitting down in front of the fire and writing Christmas cards, sipping mulled wine and listening to cheesy Christmas music. And yes I do admit that I already have several Christmas presents bought and ready for wrapping

But even I, with my Christmas infatuation, thinks it’s a bit early for baubles, ho-ho-hos and jingle bells and the only red noses on the streets should be indicators of colds not Rudolph look-a-likes. After all we still have Halloween around the corner.

So while it “tis the season to be jolly”, because it always is a good thing to be, I think we should all keep our Christmas decorations under lock and key and wait till the first of Advent to enjoy embellish our homes. So while my anticipation rises and I can’t wait for snowflakes and spices to fill the air and my fingers itch to unwrap my lovely festive ornaments I am happy to sit back and enjoy the time I am in right now.

a snap shot of last years Christmas tree, and yes it’s filled with shoes