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Yesterday I succumbed to my visitor Mr Sneeze who turned in to Master Sniffles and his friend Miss Throat-Tickles transformed into Madam Throat-Ache. So after my few hours of teaching I swapped skirt for sweats and stress for sweet honeyed tea. But that meant my blog was put on the pile of “can wait” and my messy desk was ignored.

But the advantage of giving into being a little bit sic meant I didn’t even feel bad about it and lay around watching good-bad TV and while sipping hot beverages. It also meant I finally got around to looking at all those lovely blogs I missed and read comments I got while AWOL. And then while enjoying all the kind words, thoughts and notes the lovely Tom Lucas sent me the Reality Blog Award.

Now he did say there are a few rules, but that we can change them if we like so as I don’t play well within boundaries I think I may just do that and instead of answering the five questions asked I will explain why I am nominated the five blogs that I am:

1) Tammy always makes me smile. And what would reality be without laughs, chuckles, giggles, smiles, guffaws, chortles, sniggers and any other form of laughter there is out there? So because of the joy it spreads I am nominating Laughing at everyday Life.

2) Laura gives tips, tricks and insight into fashion, always at affordable prices and with a little extra personal spice. And my reality would be not as much fun with out a little bit of fashion to brighten up those grey or unhappy days And even though I am not a big follower of fashion but love comfort I do like to look well and love it when others style up. That is why AsTimeGoesBuy gets my nomination.

3) Anarty has a lovely blog filled with art. He posts the most incredible and very divers things and what would life be without colour, beauty and creativity. That is why I am nominating Anarty.

4) Shoes has a delightful blog filled with quirky tales of her day-to-day adventures, always funny and very real. And lets be honest what would reality be like with out or day-to-day trials and tribulations. So for her honest, humourous and loveable view on life I nominate Shoes on the wrong foot.

5) And because I can’t make up my mind I am  nominating JDGAllagher and TalktoDiana. I love reading both their blogs because they are always interesting, always different and filled with their own personalities.
So time for me to sit down and enjoy my award and reward myself with a glass of wine in front of the fire, that really is the best kind of reality!