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A sneeze woke me up this morning and much to my surprise it was my very own (it would have surprised me even more if it had been someone elses as I live and sleep alone). And the sneeze brought a few friends,  swollen nose, watery eyes, a tiny headache and tickles in my throat.

While the warmth of my bed was trying to pull me back into dreamland I dragged myself into the bathroom and got ready for the day. I just can’t afford (literally) to be sick right now, and as I hate being unwell I have decided to stick it out till the weekend and hope Mister Sneeze and his friends decided to pack up and leave.

So while I still have one session left to teach for today and two days of entertaining students lie before me I can’t help but yearn for the weekend even if it is only Tuesday. But with a full day of lectures on my timetable for tomorrow and a few hours scribbled in for Thursday the week stretches out quite long before me.

Sadly all I can do for now is battle down the hatches, drink lots of hot tea, look after my Vitamin C intake and try and get a good few hours of sleep. So while I pack my bag for this evenings lesson, I pop in a lozenges and hope the lemony- honey goodness will kill all those annoying and pesky germs.  And who knows maybe my students won’t notice my blurry eyes or believe I just have a hang-over. And if I am lucky they’ll all be sick next week giving me a few free hours.