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After a pleasure filled weekend Mondays often come a little undesired and very inconveniently. However if you are lucky like me you can stay home on a Monday morning and while the world rushes to be on time for work and school I get up at a leisurely pace and sit down at my computer, sometimes while still in my pyjamas. As stressed, late worker bees queue up for their early morning shot of coffee, a piping hot cup of tea sits on my desk, an endless supply in my kitchen only a boiled kettle away.

The downside of working from home is that I do end up spending time moseying around. I stop to look out of the window, take time in the shower or dance to a song on the radio, so more often than not I don’t end up sitting at my desk “on time”. And while I could dive into preparing lessons and answering emails straight away the lure of facebook and my little blog is too strong and precious time is happily wasted wading through the world wide web.

So this morning while I was moseying around I started to wonder about TIME and how we perceive it. I do tend to be always running a little late and even though I can keep my deadlines, things often take longer than planned leaving me staying up till way passed my bedtime.

Maybe this has a lot to do with the fact that I am always underestimate how long things take. I seem to measure time based on the perfect amount of minutes it would take to do XYZ not accounting for any interference. However life is filled with interruptions, unplanned events and surprises, delaying us at every moment in time.  Getting stuck in traffic, standing in line, missing the bus, waiting for the lift,  a phone-call, bumping into someone for a quick chat,  looking for something that has gone into hiding, spilling things, trying to make up your mind on what to wear, sewing on a button, packing your bag, thinking and many, many more little events scattered throughout the day are responsible for one delay after the other.

And then there is the small matter of do I really want to be doing this or going there. When I need to do something or have to go to a meeting when I rather wouldn’t, I seem to need more time. It’s as if I am procrastinating on purpose, delaying the inevitable but making myself late and stressed by doing so. By unconsciously deciding against whatever it is that I scribbled into my calendar I mosey more and delay myself deliberately, obviously not a good move but the reason for always running late.

Even the lack of sleep seems to effect the amount of time I need, if I am rested I am Speedy Gonzales when I am tired I turn into Slow Poke Rodriquez. If I find it hard getting up and have given in to the snooze button my movements are a little sluggish and I need those few extra minutes to just get dressed, pack my bag or even walk to the bus stop.

So while maybe it is a little late to take all of those factors into account today in future I should think of making sure to go to bed on time, be aware of my motives and add in a generous helping of time for all those unplanned interruptions. However I know myself well enough to realize that I enjoy my moseying around and will allow myself days to let time slip by at a leisurely pace.  As Benjamin Franklin said so well:

You may delay, but time will not