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Yesterday was filled with surprises. It started when a friend parked her car outside my front door and let me use it for the day, my shopping trip was so much easier that way, and as I drove through the sunshine I felt very loved and cared for, what a great way to start the day.

In the afternoon, as I was trawling through some lovely comments my readers let me while I was AWOL, I discovered I was nominated for several awards (more  tomorrow). But the bigger surprise was when I saw that I was shortlisted for Blog Awards Ireland in the category Best Personal Blog. I couldn’t believe it and even though I haven’t won I was thrilled to even get that far. I did a little happy dance and couldn’t help but skip around the house. And I was so thrilled when I saw that funny, clever and quirky JDGallagher is a finalist.  His post Everybody Knows The War Is Over, Everybody Knows The Good Guys Lost is up for best Blog post so go check it out. I have been following him for a while and he seems to follow me and even nominated me.

Shortlisted for Blog Awards Ireland, category Best Personal Blog

As the evening approached and I was baking for today, I have a gaggle of girlfriends coming over for high-noon tea, a very good friend sent me a text and invited me to join her and some friends to see Jools Holland and his Big Band. I love boogie, jazz, blues and all those hip swinging, twist inspiring sounds so was delighted to accept. So I spent the night clapping, swaying, singing, dancing and enjoying a plethora of amazing sounds. And for all of you who weren’t there a little taste:

So bring on today and what surprises it may hold! After all the sun is shining and that is always a good sign.