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I had plans for the early hours of today, many things I wanted and needed to do but the snooze button on my alarm got in the way.

So this morning when my alarm went off with it’s annoying high pitch squeal all plans where pushed aside by the lazy, tired side of my brain. After all hadn’t I stayed up late doing this that and the other, and did I really need to do all the things on my list before lunch, couldn’t it wait a bit? And did I really need that long to do XYZ? And before I knew what I was doing my hand reached out and pressed SNOOZE.

Now my snooze is set at 10min and I figured how much difference can it make, so I snuggled down into the cozy warmth of my bed for an added 10 minutes of blissful dreaming. But when the alarm went off  again I couldn’t resist the temptation and Mr Snooze was my ally again. And as the morning crept into the world and I could hear the street awaking around me, my neighbour slammed his front door shut, the kids went noisily on their way to school and dawn made way to blue skies.

But the snoozing me was happy to stay hidden away for a little bit longer and in 10min intervals time passed by. As eyes flickered open and my sleepy gaze fell on  the accusing face of my alarm I was suddenly wide awake. Had I really been in snooze-ville for an hour, frolicking in and out of my conscious and unconscious mind? Surely there was a mistake but my phone confirmed the lost hour.
With the snooze still hoovering around my mind and tugging at my eyelids I now need to speed up and get things done when all I really feel like doing is taking a nap!