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The semester is back in full swing and  my lecturers hat is perched atop my head. And while I love seeing all the students scurrying along the halls and stare at me in wide eyed confusion,  I am still struggling to find my rhythm.

At the moment the beat I am skipping to is still a little like experimental Jazz, but I am hoping that in a  week or two it will have settled down into a more melodic blues. So as I struggle to memorize my students names and keep my time-table in balance I embrace the daily challenges of this new semester, stretching myself, growing as a teacher.

I can only hope that I do my job well, no matter what trails and tribulations are put before me, and that the students get something out of my lessons. After all when I look back on my time as a student I remember some of my own teachers and lecturers with fondness, knowing that for some I was more than just a number, and they influenced me, the way I think and who I am.

So with that in mind I aspire to inspire, as American author William Aurthur Ward put it so well:

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.

So a shout out to all the teachers out there, I tip my lecturer hat at you, in awe of what you do daily and help thousands achieve.