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I bumped into someone I barely know the other day and I was all set to do my smile- nod-&-walk-by move when I was stopped in my tracks by said nearly stranger for a quick hallo-chat. After the standard “How are you?” and “Grand” exchange and a tale about a shared acquaintance I was pulled into a quick embrace and a “We should meet for coffee sometime!” was the last thing I heard.

As I stood slightly bewildered and watched the interloper disappear into the crowds of Dublin I couldn’t help but wonder about the nonvitation I had just received. After all I knew we would never meet for coffee and even though I didn’t want to, I did wonder  why we so often feel the need to part ways by extending an empty invitation.

I mean we have all done it,  promised to call someone without having their number, agree to “catch-up” with no real interest or intent to ever do so. Maybe these nonvitations and empty promises are just a way of ending a conversation when you have nothing real to say. But as they are not a true reflection of the actions we are going to take maybe we should stop saying them just to fill a void. With that in mind I will be more careful with my invitations and make sure there is nothing non about them.

a shared cup of coffee