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A new week is just beginning and my mind is full of plans, now all I need is for my body to follow my heads lead and success will be mine. However my mind is never really the problem, sadly the let-down is my sluggish body which likes to be lazy, leisurely surveying the day from a vertical position.

But I have hope that my planning over the weekend will help me overcome the sloth of my life and encourage me to be a fitter, healthier and more active me. Not that I have anything against my lazy leisurely days but my back has lost all its muscles and my sleeping patterns have become too abstract for my working life. So to help me sleep and tone up I have decided that exercise and doing more than thinking is the way to go for me at the moment.

With that in mind I have scheduled gym-time this week, decided to go Salsa dancing on Thursday (if I can afford it on my meager budget, otherwise next week after pay-day) and have given myself  a bed-time for the days I teach. No more yawning at students but a  bright smile is what I wish to greet them with.

And this week even starts off with  a great little treat: I get to review Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie this morning. Is there a better way to start the day, or week for that matter, than with a few giggles and smiles?

So hopefully I can carry my motivation through this and next week, overcome my sad summer sluggishness and create space for some awesome autumn activities. It is just a matter of discipline and that is a lesson I need to learn so that my dreams and ideas don’t stay fiction and the who I want to be, becomes a reality.

a few hopeful daisies