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I stayed in last night, no money to spend gallivanting around town. I don’t really mind hanging out about the house and with the fire going in the grate and some “Hoarders” to keep me company, I was looking forward to relaxing evening in front of the TV.

But somehow halfway through an episode I got a little bit restless. Now I don’t know if it was the mounds of trash, paper and clothes flickering on screen or if I was just a little bit bored with other peoples messes but I suddenly felt the urge to reorganise the cupboard in my living-room. It had been bothering me for a while, however I never had the time or felt the need to change it. But as my tiny home has so little storage  I really need to make the best use of the any space available, so I started to open up doors and pull out contents, spilling everything around me.

At half twelve I realised what a bad idea it had been to empty out all the bits and bobs  onto the floor. Time was ticking by and somehow my reorganising had turned into a messy midnight mayhem and as the embers in the grate died down it only got worse. But I persevered and at 2am I had everything packed away again, candles, tablecloths, jugs and place-mats all had new homes as did my serving platters, games, artist-box and those loose nick-knacks, that always seem to hide in corners and have no real home, got grouped together into a basket and could snuggle down for the night.

So there I sat in wee hours of the morning, admiring my handy-work and feeling very constructed while sipping some peppermint tea and pondering my life. Funny how sometimes organising what is around you can help you restructure your thoughts and how you feel on the inside and after a chaotic unorganised summer a little bit of structure is what I need. So as I scheduled my week and plan the days ahead I can only hope that my future looks as good as my new tidy cupboard and I can’t wait to discover the hidden treasures tucked hidden behind the daily mundane, maybe I’ll even reacquaint myself with an old dream and bring it back into the light.

all neat and tidy

neatly folded and stacked, waiting to be used