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Now how did that happen? My last post was way back in August and suddenly it is October. Well it started with a visit from a friend and ended with me being so caught up in the tumbleweed of my life: tossing, turning, rolling through time with no real sense of direction, purpose, shape or form.

And as the world kept spinning on it’s axis, time continued ticking, I felt a little left behind and like the white rabbit was “to late” for seemingly everything, even life itself.  So while I was trying to keep up with, I can’t remember what, I just couldn’t find a minute to sit down and write in peace, nor could I find the words I was looking for in my maze of chaos  and so the days on my calendar continued to flip over at an amazing speed and the blogesphere grew silently without me.

But I am back,hopefully more myself again, taking the challenge up I have given myself to structure my day a little better, allowing time for me, my blog and all my lovely readers who I have missed more than I realised.

So thank you for remembering me, for sending me wonderful words and loving thoughts. And with a sigh, a shrug and a quizzical look I sit and type hoping the words will be kind to me again and my thoughts will give me ideas to write, type and ponder about.

Looking for a direction, seemingly the only way is up