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Yesterday was a bank holiday here in Ireland so instead of an early morning and time spent sitting at my desk I had a leisurely morning with pancakes for breakfast. The weather wasn’t great but as it slowly brightened up I decided to cycle down to the botanic gardens, since the rain had kept me away last week.

These beautiful gardens have been open to the public since 1800 and it is free to go, wander around and enjoy plants from all over the world. The stunning glasshouses are some of the oldest in the world and the twist and turns of the wrought ironwork are quite unique.

As I strolled down the paths, through the glasshouses and around the walled garden I felt a pang of envy at those lucky few who get to work in this beautiful environment. With it’s big research center and library I can’t imagine a more serene and calming place to sit down and contemplate the wonders of the plant world.