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the moon from my window

Another sleepless night and this time I blame Eirod Eireann, the Irish railway company. As I lay in bed, snuggled down into my pillow, the light off and the last few pages of my book forming images in my head, a quite but very persistent peep,peep,peep crept in trough my window and scared sleep away.At first I thought it was some sort of alarm, fire, car or house but the peeping seemed to be moving, annoyingly closer towards my window. Pinching my eyes shut and trying to block out the sound with happy thoughts and the duvet, but as it just wasn’t working I decided to be Sherlock Holmes and figure out what the sound was.
I stood up on my bed and peaked out of the Window to take a glance around. It was well past midnight and the full moon smiled down on me, big, beautiful and perfectly round. As I smiled back I saw an orange flashing light moving slowly, snail like up on the rail-road tracks towards me.
As the orange light crept closer the beeping, peeping, bleeping sound became louder, not much but slowly it was obvious what was going on. Eirod Eireann had chosen last night to rob my sleep and fix, survey, clean or inspect the tracks running  up over the street I live on.
Knowing it would take a while for the sound, light and possibly mayhem to pass, I snuggled back down into my bed, but I left the window open and with a tilt of my head I looked up at the moon and let it soothes me, lull me into dreamland.