For all tea-lovers out there a cup of smiles

Jennifer Collins

When it comes to hot beverages, nothing beats a nice cuppa tea. Forget even drinking the stuff… The ritual itself is enough for me. As Mrs Doyle from Father Ted so eloquently describes it: ‘The playful splash of the tea as it hits the bottom of the cup. The thrill of adding the milk and watching it settle for a moment, before it filters slowly down to the bottom of the cup changing the colour from dark brown to… a lighter brown. Perching an optional jaffa cake on the saucer like a proud soldier standing to attention beside a giant… cup of tea!’ Magnificent.

So obviously I really love tea and this is why I’m posting this song (which I came across today thanks to friend and fellow blogger and tea-lover Jensine):


Note the Lyon’s cup in the foreground. I’m a Barry’s woman myself, but it’s still a…

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