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After sulking around for a while I decided to pick up my camera and let the sun tempt me out into the park. As it is only across the road getting wet, when one of the inevitable showers turned the blue sky grey, wasn’t such a bad thing, after all a hop skip and a jump away was home and dry clothes.

Not sure of what kind of photos to take I wandered down the main path and let an old playground lure me over. Lucky for me the rain had kept most kids away and I didn’t have to maneuver around screaming toddlers and running kids.

As I stood, camera in hand, I just saw all the colours and shapes and decided to see what I could capture by going up close. Not sure if my artistic attempts are any good but some shoots turned out alright. And even though a big shower did interrupt my wanderings and forced me to wait under a tree, I did enjoy my little, wet trip to the playground.

Maybe I didn’t play on a the climbing-frames, took a swing or a slide,  but I did have fun experiment and playing around with my camera. As the oh so clever Plato put into words so well:

Life must be lived as play.

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