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I had plans today, I wanted to cycle down to the Botanic gardens and enjoy a stroll around the flowerbeds, camera in hand ready to be inspired. Sadly the sun only played peek-a-boo this morning and has made way for heavy drops of rain. Every now and then she may shine a few rays down on us to see if she can tease us to come out only to let rain enjoy a game of “lets soak them”.

I feel cheated out of my plans and want to stamp my foot in rage and yell “I hate you” while sulking with folded arms and a big frown on my face. I know it can’t be helped and I know the weatherman has no control over where the clouds go but somehow I really want to blame someone.

Having no one to blame and no one to entertain me I am at loss at what to do. Of course there are a multitude of things I could and even some I should do but I don’t want to (again a toddler strop is building up inside me). I should clean the house, wipe the floors, get out the duster and be a domestic goddess clad in a pinny and headscarf, I should start work on an article I have been avoiding and I should really do some filing. I could work on my novel, take out my paints and start on a few things I have been thinking about, I could read, watch TV or a film. I just don’t want to!

Sadly, as nothing tickles my fancy I am stuck with being annoyed about something I just can’t change. Not a happy place to be in nor a pleasant feeling to let fester inside. But like me, at least for now, it is stuck just there hoping the rain will pass and I can go out and play, even if it means getting my feet wet and dirty.