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Everyone around me seems to be going on holidays, or have just been. Sadly this year I don’t have the money to fly away and enjoy an other world for a week or two, but I so long to. This feeling that has been bubbling up inside me for a while now can only be described with the the German word “Fernweh” which literally means “having an ache for a distant place”.

I would love to pack my bag and hurry away, dip my toes in waters uncharted by me, see sights my eyes have never seen before, taste new and exciting flavors, enjoy undiscovered alleys and woods, break away from my life for a little while.
But no matter how much I long, wish and crave I know I can’t make the impossible possible for now, but what I can do is relive past trips and this morning I have been wandering the streets of St.Petersburg in my mind. It was a short 4 day trip I took last year in September, making a livelong dream come true and visit the great City of Czars and Russian legends, a trip filled with awe, sun and an unforgettable time.

And in case you want to tag along as I wander down memory lane and enjoy a city filled with culture and clashing art here areย  a few of the many photos I took:

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