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What a mixed day I had yesterday, it started with a  preview of the new Batman film in the Savoy on O’Connell Street and ended with a lovely tribute to Edith Piaf in the National Concert Hall.

At first I thought that they had nothing in common, being at the opposite ends of the spectrum of life if you will, after all “The Dark Knight Rises” is a big movie, filled with action, special effects and stars, so unlike “Pigalle, the life and music of Edith Piaf” which was a quite evening filled with the Little Sparrows world and words.

But as I listen to Edith’s songs about thieves, prostitutes and the grittier side of life I realised that Batman also takes a look at humanity and it’s morals. Now personally I prefer the way Edith’s lyrics are sad, happy, funny, and bitter-sweet, a more subtle look at life and love, but maybe the obvious display of brutality, corruption and greed in Batman is more to the taste of the masses.

As the music and lyrics floated around me, filling my head with images of first kisses, Paris at night and losing love, life and hope I wondered if my life would be a similarly beautiful kaleidoscope of images interwoven with song. But I wouldn’t mind being a  little like Batman either, a vigilante who stands up for those who can’t, seeks the truth and sees the good blossoming like a dandelion between the cracks of corruption.

After the concert my friend and I strolled down to Cafe en Seine and enjoyed a cocktail or two. As we sipped our Passion, the oh so aptly named vodka delight, and talked about music, life, men and films, I couldn’t help but feel that Edith had gotten it right all along, C’est si Bon, it was good, all of it!