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I love birthdays, not mine as much as those of others. I love celebrating the life of those I love and getting a chance to come up with an idea to spoil them as much as I can. Well, this and next week I am getting ample chance to celebrate others as  a glance on my calendar showed me lots of names written down in red, indicating one birthday after the other.

Today I head up north to visit a friend who had her big day yesterday and I can’t wait to see what she thinks about my little gift for her. But as she and her boyfriend have just moved in to a new home together, I get the double pleasure of celebrating this too.

Most people say it’s not the gift that counts but the thought behind it but I disagree. While of course I value all the thinking that goes into picking, choosing, making and wrapping up a gift, the main thing for me about any present I give is the enjoyment I get out of all the preparation.

Because my friends and family are so important to me,giving them something I hope they will enjoy makes me happy. I am not one for expensive gifts, I don’t have the money nor do I think that spending a lot of money really says what I mean, so I often make bits and bobs myself, buy little things that reflect who they are or what they like and try to give it a personal twist.  I love coming up with an idea and trying to figure out how to make it happen, spend time thinking of the person the gift is for and relish the joy they have when I got it just right.

Of course sometimes a gift can be just a card filled with words of love and because I am selfish I don’t want to limit myself to just one day, so I do send cards and give small treats throughout the year. But in my books birthdays and Christmas are the best, I get to really enjoy thinking of my friends, celebrate who they are and spend time with them, sometimes just in my heart, even if they live far away.

So with lots of birthdays lined up for me to enjoy I know next week will be good, but I am looking particularly forward to the double whammy today. I can’t tell you what I have made , bought and come with with as I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I do the time I spend doing it has been a blast.