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Today I am feeling restless, I am finding it hard to focus, concentrate and although I have plenty to do I just can’t seem to make myself sit down and just do it. This state of impatience and fidgetyness (if that is even a word) is quiet annoying yet it seems as if I just have to except it and wait till it passes.

As I pondered this unpleasant state I am in I remembered an article I read about a month ago in Psychology Today. It was called Devine Discontent and looked at the positive side of feeling bored. Boredom seems to be something we all experience, some more than others and some even seem to be predisposed to the inability to focus, always following the lure of the new.

I can’t really remember being bored very often as a child, but I do remember my grandmother, a true Hanseatic lady with Prussian blood, always saying “only stupid people are bored”. And although I understand what she meant I tend to disagree.  While some people may become bored due to lack of imagination or stimulation I think many feel restless with something because it has become too mundane. This feeling of discontent with what is happening  around you or feeling unsatisfied with where you are in life can be a great motivator for change. After all why change something when you are happy with it, so maybe we need discontent to actually focus on something we don’t know yet, imagine a different future if you will.

Of course we need the stability of the known to be able to sustain a day-to-day life but isn’t it the unexpected, the search for something different that makes life interesting and more exciting?

So maybe instead of just waiting for my discontent and restless feelings to past I should harness them and try and figure out what would help. Refocus my vision, reorganise my thoughts and who knows maybe I will find a certain kind of contentment in my own discontent.