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After a a quite morning I met up with a very good friend for lunch yesterday. I hadn’t seen her in while so we had lots to catch up on and as girls do we chit-chatted over soup and caesar salad.

As we ate and talked I started to think about how nice it is to eat together and of how many meals I eat alone. I am often too lazy to set the table and actually sit down all by myself,Β  so I end up with a plate on my lap in front of the TV, some sitcom, rom-com or even the news keeping me company.

I generally have no problem being on my own and quite enjoy my own company, after all no one gets my jokes the way I do, but somehow eating by myself feels quite lonesome. There just seems to be something about a single place-mat, one knife and fork and a lone plate that screams LONELY. In addition to this studies have shown that, particularly in men, eating alone causes bad eating habits, singles tend to snack more, eat less vegetables and have “food on the go”.

That is why instilling good eating habits in children is so important. Sitting down and enjoying a meal together as a family teaches them community and how to interact with each other, and while thy are learning this they also pick up what healthy portions should look like and that variety is key to a good diet.

So with these thoughts bubbling around in my mind yesterday evening as I boiled down the last bit of summer fruit I had left to make some jam, I made a decision to make more of an effort myself, to actually sit down at my lovely table more and enjoy my meals even when I am alone at home. With that in mind I poured my self a glass of bubbly, left over from my peaches, vanilla and pink champagne jam, and toasted to a better me, bubbles in my brain and all.