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Yesterday, after spending the morning jam(m)ing and dancing in my pj’s, I got dressed and decided to get on my own high-horse and go for a spin on my bike. I have been neglecting my sturdy two-wheeler since a bus came to close last year and knocked me to the ground so it needed a little bit of TLC and lots of air before I could pedal out into the sun.

I hadn’t clue where I was going but out towards the beach seemed like the perfect option. So as I used muscles I haven’t in a while and let the wind tousle my hair I enjoyed the warm sun on my face and grinned at the droves of people who had very similar ideas to mine. But I do have to admit when the sun comes out to play there are few places that can compete with Dublin. And since my bike is not made for speed but for city traffic with big wheels and only three gears I took my time and a few photos along the way.

bike path on the coast road

a small pier

yes, palm trees do grow here

When I reached the beach I felt happy and hopeful that maybe my white extremities may embrace the sun and get a little bit of colour, as I am not really of the peaches and cream complexion but more of the mozzarella cheese variety. I wasn’t really surprised at how many families were getting their toes wet and sandy, nor did the kite-surfers, but I was amazed at how many braved the cold waters and went for a swim. Since I didn’t have my swimsuit with me I just enjoyed a stroll and the activities around me. Camera in hand I wandered up the pier and down the beach snapping up any images beside the beach babes and bums, enjoying a colourful and interesting day in the sun.

my bike safely locked waiting for my return

the beginning of the pier

the view behind me

and yes that is a swimsuit drying on the railing

waiting to save some lives

a bit of orange in the sky

the end of the pier

growing out of the sand

inviting water

high in the sky

a place to rest

left behind

in the wind

on the rise

flying high


washed ashore

not dandelions, but still white and fluffy