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Today has been a good day so far, even if it started out a little bit wobbly. When I woke up this morning my eyes had been taken captive by my summer companion hay-fever. But since my appointment wasn’t until noon I took my time in prying them open and getting rid of the stickiness.

Then I went into the college I lecture at, dreading it a little as I wasn’t sure what awaited me but to my surprise it was good, they offered me a few more hours. This means that I only have to survive the summer and from late October my account can take a deep breath and window shopping could turn into bulging bags again.

Then on my way home I saw good old Dunnes Stores selling fruit for cents and I decided that I will spend the afternoon making jam. All I have to do is put on my apron, chop up plums, peaches and nectarines and get cooking.  Hopefully I can fill enough jars to give some away, after all doesn’t everyone love homemade gifts?

Being a girl who likes making and creating things I am really looking forward to a few hours of kitchen time, dancing to some happy music and end up with delicious treats for my toast. There really is just something very satisfying about using your own two hands to make a product, it gives you a feeling of contentment and yes even pride.

I read an article called Creativity, Happiness and Your Own Two Hands a little while ago which said that making something is good for our physical and psychological well-being. By moving our hands and fingers to knit, chop, plant and create we reduce stress in our bodies and our mind gets a chance to relax. And in these moments, when we potter around our minds has time to ponder and daydream, giving us great ideas and a senses of inner contentment.

So maybe once I’ve brought the jam to the boil and filled up all the little glass jars I’ve collected I will take my hands and tackle the shelf in my study that really needs a bit of TLC and organizing. After all it doesn’t seem to matter what you do with your hands, as long as you keep them busy your mind may just give you that hoped for Eureka moment.


It is better to busy  one’s self about the smallest thing in the world than to treat a half hour as worthless

Johan Wolfgang Von Goethe