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I got a surprise today and oh what a good one it was. A gorgeous and generous friend sent me a little parcel in the post, and as I sat down for a cup of tea this morning the mailman knocked on my door and handed me the box.

Scissors in hand I cut the sellotape and found a cute card and a brilliant book. It’s a colourful pop-up about shoes. While I flicked through the pages and pulled little leavers 3D stilettos, sneakers and boots appeared in front of me and I just couldn’t help but smile.

the book just out of the box

open the box and have a peek

dancing shoes

a sneaker

Christian Louboutin ” A good shoe is one that doesn’t dress you but undresses you”

Now I am a big shoe lover and I even have a shoe tattoo on my left ankle. My wardrobe and the space under my bed are filled to the brim with boxes of shoes, not quite Imelda Marcos but I do have at least 100 pairs.  And even though I run around barefoot as much as I can nothing makes me feel better about myself than a sexy pair of shoes.  I just have to agree with Christian Loubotin  “A shoe has so much more to offer than just to walk.”

When I meet people I always look at their shoes, I think they say so much about the person wearing them. After all if someone wears Birkenstocks, Dr Martins or Mary-Jane’s tells you something about how they want to be seen and do they prefer beauty to practicality, fashion to uniqueness. Colours, shapes, designs, material and are they polished or not tell little stories about the people in the shoes and since we take so many steps in them every day they become part of us, more so then any other piece we wear. Shoes become markers of a persons individuality, little platforms (even when they are flats) to show off who they are.

So before I go back to read about shoes in all their glory and play with the pop-ups and other movable bits in my lovely new book I want to leave you with a quote I wholeheartedly believe in and the wonderful Bette Midler once coined:

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world

my tattoo, the only Manolo Blanik I can afford at the moment … the black shoes were hand made by Sarah-Jane Connolly an Irish Shoe designer