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With the sun shining high in the sky and the wind joining in to play my visiting professor friend and I drove down to Wicklow yesterday. As we chatted and caught up on the past (possibly) 14 years we changed into teenagers again and giggled most of the day, enjoying the freedom of just having a little bit of fun.

Leaving Dublin early we arrived at Glendalough ahead of the crowds and took our time wandering around the ancient grave stones and old ruins of the “Monastic City”. While following the footsteps of dead strangers and hundreds of tourists my friend hugged a high-cross and made a silent wish, of what is only for her to know.

We strolled through the woods towards the lake and up a little hill to see even more ruins and enjoy the sun in our faces and the wind in our backs.  On our way back towards our planned “scone-break” we passed tourists of all nationalities commenting on the sheep, the hills, the lake, the sun and possibly the two giggling thirty-plus women coming towards them.

Over scones and tea we laughed some more and enjoyed watching the variety of young and old foreigners and nationals alike enjoy a rare sunny Sunday out of Dublin.

Glendalough in the sun

blue skies and tilted angles

Growing on some crumbling ruins

Although the sun dancing on the water made it look tempting the wind reminded us of how cold it would be , and then there were the signs

Taking the scenic route we headed back towards Dublin and Powerscourt Gardens. With miles of green hills around us the twisting and turning tiny road leading through the Wicklow moutains kept us entertained. So when we arrived at Powerscourt our spirits and the birds in the sky were soaring. We decided to walk first and lunch later and headed into the vast ground surrounding the beautiful 18th century mansion.

We wandered past the small Pepperpot Tower and through the Japanese gardens with all it’s bridges and exotic plants. My Friend particularly enjoyed the Pet Cemetery and it’s lovingly inscribed headstones for the many beloved pets that use to live on the grounds. I loved the grumpy fish, supposedly dolphins, in the same named pond and we both enjoyed the impressive plants in the Walled Gardens. We past by fountains and statues, plants and people and ended up enjoying a  late lunch on the terrace overlooking the gardens where a happy couple was vowing eternal love. And just as the Rabbi gave his final blessing and the bride and groom ascended the Italian steps the heavens opened up and shed a few tears.

It was time to go home and with a few extra plants for my windowsill and hanging basket we drove back to my little cottage with happy hearts and aching cheeks from all the giggles and laughs we had, ending the day with a hot cup of tea.

Powerscourt House

a statue warming his toes in the sun

The Pepperpot tower was modeled on a pepperpot from Lord Powerscourt’s dining tab

floating in the Japaneses garden twin waterlilies

Two beloved cows lie here

I really think they should have laughed with us

a mermaid blowing water

and a pink waterlily floating around

some fluffy flower in the walled garden

these roses were bigger than my fist … toddler head-size I’d say

a merman trying his best to compete with the mermaid

Laocoon is still having a bad day

a final look over the shoulder to bid us farewell