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I took my visiting friend out to Howth last night and was thrilled that she enjoyed it so much. For me Howth, its cliff-walk and the little harbour, is one of the nicest places in Dublin to go.

Howth is only about half an hour out from the city center, really easy to get to and when the sun is shining you just have to stay longer than you planned. It dates back to when those big burly Norsemen used it as a harbour as since it is situated on a  peninsular it was easy to defend and maintain. After the vikings moved on Howth use to be a tiny fishing village but beauty and calm have turned it into a picturesque town.

We first when up to the look-out point overlooking the lighthouse and the whole of Dublin Bay. We wandered down a little to see the lighthouse and let the wind make our hair dance and walked for a bit. Due to my unpractical shoes and the tugging wind we quite quickly decided to go back and get so food.

the lighthouse on Howth pennisula As we sat in the car and drove down to the harbour I couldn’t help but think about how important it is to have special places to go to that never fail to make you happy. Places where you can maybe sit and think, go for walks, be surrounded by nature and sometimes even people. But these special places are filled with happy memories and good times so they make you feel save, happy and give you space to breath.

For me Howth is very high up on the list, but I have a few like St Anne’s Park that I wrote about in May, I love the beach, any beach really and there is the Gresham Hotel in Dublin that is my go to place on a rainy afternoon and I want to treat myself to some reading and people watching. These places are more than just a pretty sight,  a lovely walk or comfy squashy sofas they all have something about them that speaks to something inside of me. And even if these safe havens are open to all and no secret when I share them with someone I always hope they see more than just a beautiful view.

So as we sat on the pier, munching on fish and chips and watched the sun slowly sink down towards the sea a few big seagulls started to eye us up hoping for some left overs. But as we licked our greasy fingers clean and wiped them in our jeans the gulls had to admit defeat and we took a last little stroll around the harbour enjoying the fresh wind and salty air. And as the wind blew away the cobwebs in my mind and even the hay-fever from my eyes I was happy.

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