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I’m all dressed up and have nowhere to go, well that is not really true, I did have somewhere to go but my hay-fever had other ideas. This morning I was meant to go to my monthly Sex and the City brunch with some girl-friends of mine but when I woke up this morning and tried to open my eyes I was left in darkness and had to pry them open with a combination of warm water, cotton wool and a lot of giving out.

So while my friends sat and chatted, ate, drank and laughed, I muttered, sneezed, blew my nose and dabbed my eyes until I finally gave in and swallowed  a pill. Now my eyes are slowly clearing up, my nose has stopped running and has slowed down to a steady dribble, but sadly it is now the afternoon and it’s too late for breakfast, brunch or even lunch.

But all is not lost as I will meet up with a friend later and we will enjoy some evening sightseeing and catching up. She is here visiting from Memphis, the city of Elvis and Rock ‘n Roll, but she is German and I met her many, many, many moons ago at University in Bamberg, Germany. We where both part of the drama group, I was on the boards and she was all around them, doing everything to make the production work. I just hope the weather will clear up and we can enjoy a beautiful Irish evening in Howth.

So while the pile of tissues steadily grows my patience with hay-fever is declining at a  a rapid rate. Sadly although it is  only a small protrusion on my face it has the power to render all my other extremities nonfunctional as the pill is kicking in and making me dopy so i think it’s time for a nap … or at least curl up and watch a movie with a cup of tea and a new box of Kleenex.