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As I have been feeling a little low this week I have done more reading than writing. Okay I did write a few film reviews, but then that is kind of my job, but my novel has suffered and so has my blog.

But my stack of books I own but still haven’t read has shrunk by four volumes … yes four. Since Saturday I not only started and finished the Hunger Games Trilogy (a gift) but also a book called “The Locket”. Sadly I have to admit that it was only light reading but hoping into  a few worlds that aren’t real and only a few pages away was like a holiday from myself.

A few years ago the Telegraph published an article on the positive effects of reading on your psyche. Neuropsychologist Dr David Lewis was quoted saying ” Losing yourself in a book is the ultimate relaxation.” After all the results from a study measuring the scale of relaxation rated reading at 68% within six minutes. Surprisingly higher than both having a cup of tea or coffee , hard for any Irish person to believe, and going for a walk.

Going by that study I should be so relaxed right now that I would have turned into a pile of badly set jelly, but although I am feeling better and yes possibly more relaxed I think I need to read a few more books to be completely back to myself again. Sadly my purse doesn’t allow me any book self browsing in  bookstores but I do still have a few on my”still to read” pile and I just hope they are good.