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It’s Saturday afternoon and I have no plans, no idea what to do with the rest of the day or the night. This means I can lounge around all day in what ever baggy pants and t-shirt I want, not even bothering to wear a bra or brush my hair, I don’t have to worry about beautifying myself to look my best in the hope of attracting someone. Nor do I have to hurry from one place to the next, grabbing a coffee on the go but can indulge in long leisurely cups of tea.

Of course I know that planning helps us reach goals, strategically lay out tasks and even our lives but being without a plan suits me just fine for today. This state of planlessness allows me to just be and daydream about all things I could be doing, even if I end up doing nothing at all.

And since I have no plans and my brain is daydreaming of a sunnier Saturday spending time on the beach or of a trip to somewhere else, I have no real concept of what to write about. But maybe the benefit of having no plan is the fact that you can do what ever you please so I think I will just sit back and let the day proceed and allow it to drop whatever plan it has in store for me into my lap.

an unplanned photo I took in Finland a few years ago