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My fingernails are looking quite grubby today, they are in desperate need of some TLC and possibly a professional manicure. As the sun came out to play yesterday and Summer seemed to be in the air  I decided to do some miniature gardening yesterday and made up two window boxes and half a hanging-basket.

Since I moved into my tiny home two years ago I have to admit that I do miss having a garden every now and then, today it’s more now as I would love to lounge in a deck chair and enjoy the rare sunny rays that beam down from our Irish skies. But I love my little house and window boxes will just have to do.

As my little cottage is in a bit of  a rough area I decided to buy cheap plastic window boxes and only a few plants, just to see if they would get nicked or trashed. So far things are looking good, my herbs are still intact and the hanging geraniums are nodding happily in the sun.

So yesterday I stood on the path outside my home and dipped my hands into bought dirt, un-potted and planted the few little annuals I bought and got my fingers filthy. While I dug, patted, tousled and watered, life on my cul-de-sac happened around me.

I met two new polish neighbours and a lovely dog called Fred, I  cuddled a few kittens and admired a six year old on pink skates. I watched the sky change colour and clouds float by. Heard the rumble of the commuter train and beats from a not too distant radio echo through the air. I watched a cat stalk a pigeon and children play some sort of chasing game. It really was the perfect summer afternoon and it made me happy.

But as I stood back to admire my handy-work I saw that I needed more, more plants, more afternoons in the sun and definitely more hand-cream.

my home, hoping for more flowers

a little colour till the flowers bloom