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It’s Friday again and this week has been a little bit all over the place for me. I didn’t get half of what I wanted to done and I have been battling against sleepless nights, tingly skin and lots of lost cause thoughts. BUT two wonderful co-bloggers haven’t seemed to notice my ups and downs this week and have bestowed me with two wonderful awards: The One Lovely Blog award and The Very Inspirational Blogger Award. Now I know there are always rules attached to such accolades but I will be the lovely me I am and I feel inspired to break a few of them.

The funny Jim Chapman gave me the The Very Inspirational Blogger Award. His lovely blog  And that makes two is full of quotes, poems, pics and descriptions of his day to day life with his small kids. It’s very funny and always a good read so check it out.

The lovely TheForgottenWife nominated me for The One Lovely Blog Award. Her very personal blog  TheForgottenWife talks about her divorce, her hopes dreams and the ups and downs when starting over. It is a great little find and I always enjoy our “online” chats.

Both these awards require you to share 7 facts about yourself and nominate 15 co-bloggers you love and want to make happy with a well deserved token of gratitude. BUT I am really not that interesting so 14 facts seems somewhat excessive and 30 nominees is , well to be honest, just so much work. So I have decided to give you 7 facts in total and nominate seven for one award and seven for  the other and one very special blogger gets both … muwhahaha (evil laugh).

Okay my 7 facts are: I love getting awards (1) but hate nominating bloggers as I always feel I forget someone (2). I love spending time with friends (3) but sometimes staying home alone is all I want to do (4). I have been telling stories all my life (5) but there was a time when I found it hard to differentiate between tales and tall tales (6). I think I may have become a little too attached to my stats and am astounded that they can make me happy and sad in equal measure. (7)

My Nominees for The One Lovely Blog Award are:  AsTimeGoesBuy, TheSubterraneanWorld , TheGoodOldGirl, TinRoofPress, TalkToDiana, Hawkhru, Amusingdays

My Nominees for The Very Inspirational Blogger Award are: AdverseUniverse, Seapunk2, JotsFromASmallApt, ReallityInProgress, BrigittesBanter, NewsOfTheTimes, TheWitContiuum

And for both (insert drum-roll here): LillandJill
So have a wonderful weekend, browse all these lovely blogs and maybe I will have some more inspiration over the weekend and my blogs will be better again 😉