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I can’t believe it is already Sunday, where did the week go, or the last half year for that matter. It kind of makes me wonder what I have been doing with my time, what have I got to show for 2012 so far?

Well there is this blog that I started back in the middle of March, and yes it has taken up much more time than I ever thought it would, but I have been enjoying it immensely. Meeting new people, even if only in this virtual universe, reading about things I have never considered, learning things and laughing at the wackiness that is out there in the world wide web. I am not sure it counts as an accomplishment, but I do look forward to it every day so I think it is a plus.

I did send out my manuscript a while back but no “yes” has pinged back into my mail-box just yet, I’m still hopeful. But I should really follow up on it and maybe see if sending if off to the UK changes the game. It still isn’t finished mind you so I think the next few weeks and months means less blogging more writing for me. Maybe I should post a few pages here and see what my blog-companions think about it … mmmhhh now thereย  is s a thought.

The gym, well that has been a failure so far, I somehow haven’t been able to get into a rhythm, so it is still on my list of things to change, as is my desire to do more photography and art. I keep saying I want to do it but somehow life gets in the way and I don’t. But I am glad to say that I have been better with taking photos, my collection getting bigger every week, even if only by a few shots, now my canvas needs to be tackled.

My dating life, well that is a whole other story. It’s on the back burner for now as there really doesn’t seem to anyone out there that tickles my fancy and heart and I really don’t want to do the whole internet, speed or blind-dating rig-ma-roll again, and yes everything I wrote is true.

As I may not be able to change having achieved so little in the last half year, I think i wills tart small today and clean my home, go to the gym and maybe just maybe climb through that window that is opened when a door closes.

Some open windows in St Petersburg, photos taken on my trip last year: