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I woke up with a headache this morning, and no it wasn’t the aftermaths of any red, white or rose, but a little gift the wet spells and cold weather has left behind for me: the dreaded summer cold. As I snuggled down back into the warmth of my duvet and decided to stay in my bad for a bit longer I longed for a hot cup of tea and a hug.

I don’t get sick very often and I don’t think I am really sick today either, just a little under the weather, feeling a little weak, headachy and my nose and throat are having a really off day. So as I sneeze myself out of bed and blew my nose down the stairs I decided to cancel all my plans and take a day to recuperate.

While watching the billows of hot air and water rise from my cup of steaming hot tea I let my mind wander back to when I was small and my mum would make me hot water, lemon and honey to ward off any colds. She would make sure that I had lozenges, books to read, was kept warm and had tissues and hankies galore. It felt good to be cared for, looked after and it made being sick not so bad.

Sadly when you are a singleton living on your own and you are not feeling great you have to try and get well all by yourself. Luckily I don’t have anything a few days rest and lots of hots drinks can’t cure. So as the pile of snotty tissues gets bigger and the pain in my throat keeps throbbing I will stay warm, enjoy lots of hot beverages and see if I can find a lemon hidden away to help with my vitamin C intake.

So with a final sneeze and big ahh choo I go back to bed for a nap and maybe my snores will drown out the neighbours techno beat.