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A soft drip, drip, drip and a wet patch woke me up this morning. No, I haven’t lost  control over my bladder but I did leave the window over my bed open and the steady downpour of Irish rain found a way into my home and bed.  Not really liking this new bed fellow I think it is time that the weather takes a look at the calendar and realizes it is summer and changes the stream of water into rays of sun. Of course the benefits of the wet Irish weather is that when the sun does finally come out she brings her arched colourful friend the rainbow with her.

I can’t remember what I thought or felt  the first time I saw a rainbow but I am quite sure I was dazzled by it. You see, to this day when ever I spy that symbol of hope arched across the sky my heart skips a beat and my eyes light up, a smile spreads across my face and heart, and I am not alone with that.

Even if rainbows are just light reflecting of drops of water, breaking and creating the vivid display of colours in the sky most religions and many myths use the rainbow as symbols for all shorts of things. The Greeks believed that a rainbow was a path created by the messenger Iris when she on her way between heaven and earth. In Norse mythology they had a similar idea and thought it was a bridge between Asgard and Midgard, the homes of the gods and humans. The Hindus think that a rainbow is the bow of one of their gods and the old Armenians believed it to be Tirs, the sun god, belt. In Ireland the rainbow is a pointer towards Leprechauns hidden gold, but what these sneaky wee fellows don’t tell you is, that as you move so does the rainbow, making it impossible to ever reach the end. In Christian and Mesopotamian mythology the rainbow is a symbol of hope, promising humankind that god will never again let the world drown.

And then there are the scores of songs and poems that revolve around rainbows and what lies behind, under or over them. It doesn’t really matter if its the Rolling Stones “She is a Rainbow”, Judy Garlands “Somewhere over the Rainbow” or Kermit the Frogs “Rainbow Connections” , they are all happy, hopeful songs looking towards a better, brighter future.

So with the rain still drip, drip, dripping against my window and my mattress drying out I think I will wait for a rainbow on the horizon to show me the way to a more beautiful future and as my favorite frog says it so well:

Someday we’ll find it
That Rainbow Connection
The lovers the dreamers and me