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Another week filled with appreciation,writing and creativeness and I get three awards too boot! I can’t believe how thoughtful people are and how many seem to enjoy my little posts of random thought, ideas and sometimes rants.

The lovely EllieBloo thanked me for writing

The weird and very wonderful NovoZen called me creative (I think) 

The endearing Hawkruh appreciated me

Now most blog awards have rules and I am happy to partially abide by them, three of them to be exact. Link back to the blogger who nominated you, link to your nominees and post the award. As I have given tidbits about myself away in the past (I am really not that interesting)  and it has been quite a long day I will just ignore talking about myself or giving long accolades so here are my three times three nominees:

So check them out, enjoy getting to know them and have fun:

My 3×3 for  the Thanks for Writing Award:

The lovely Miles

Entertaining morezenow

Funny lilandjill

Readable Kate

Weirdly wonderful NovoZen

Endearing Hawkruh

Adorable RealityinProgress

Bantering Brigitte

And quirky Kinked Slinky

My 3×3 for the Kreative Blogger Award:

brilliant thesubterraneanworld

captivating newsofthetimes

Wonderful thewitcontinuum

Witty vickynewham

Fashionable katespadegirl

Interesting life@thirtysomething

Lovely circlesunderstreetlights

Big eyed ellieboo

Divers Adverse Univers

My 3×3 for the Reader Appreciation Award

The stunning AsTimeGoesBuy

Picturesque Earl

adorable greeneyedmom

varied katie

wordsmith dpbowman

inspiiring riatarded

The fabulous  Sorryiamnotsorry

Pink Suzy

Clever ailialana