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I have moved quite a bit in my life.  After three countries, nine homes and lots of boxes I have been living in a tiny little cottage in Dublin for the past two year, and I love it here so hopefully I will stay for a while.

Like most things in life, there are upsides and downsides to moving, packing is a definite downside, it takes quite long and somehow you break things, lose things and wonder about the person who owns certain things, even if it’s you. Meeting new people is an upside, but missing ones you left behind is a definite downside. Getting to reinvent you home is a plus but having to decide what to keep is a negative. However the one thing that always stays the same is you, after all you take yourself with you where ever you go.

As I was thinking about this yesterday my gaze fell on the little pottery sugar-pot that sits on my table. This little pot has been in my life as long as I can remember, it even features in an old photograph of my father from before I was born. It sat on my parents table in South Africa like it dose on mine here in Ireland, always filled with sugar and always with a silver spoon sticking out of it. It isn’t worth anything but to me it is priceless.

This little blue pot holds more than just sugar, it holds memories of family meals and cups of tea shared with friends. It reminds me of a time when I was small and liked sugar in my tea, of my first love who took tea with his sugar and it always has that little bit of extra sweetness when I run out while baking.

I have a lot of bits and bobs and knicks and knacks cluttering or adorning (depending on your pint of view) up my home, but only a few of them are really special and things that I keep no matter where I go. They are more than just decorative or practical items they are what makes a house my home and they store pieces of me that I am reminded of when I see them.

So while I like the challenge of moving, the new adventures it holds, for now I will stay put and be happy in a home filled with bits of the past looking forward to the future and what pieces it has in store for me. I don’t need a new sugar pot but maybe someone will come along with a cream jug that fits perfectly.