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I feel like singing and dancing and whopping and hugging someone. My little blog just hit 5,000 (MMMMM)  views and I am thrilled to bits.  I know it may seem silly to all you seasoned bloggers out there but to me it’s a big deal. My blog is two months old today and I have to say 65 posts, 115 followers and many lovely comments later I have fallen a little bit in love with my new blogger-friends.

From me here in Dublin a big thank you to all of you who have read and followed my blog. And even though I am staying in on a Friday night I think this momentous (for me anyway) occasion calls for wine, music and fun …

So as I turn up the CD-player and sing ‘celebration’  with Kool and the Gang, out of tune but with lots of heart I wish all my lovely readers a fabulously wonderful weekend.