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The funny and very passionate Lil and Jil have decided to pass on Mr Nowan Zen new Living Passionately Award to little old me and all I can say is that I am passionately pleased about this.

Now I am not sure I live passionately every day but I am passionate about many things, sometimes this is good, sometimes bad and other times only I know about it. But I do believe whether something makes your blood boil, your heart jump, your skin tingle or your head explode feeling passionately about things is good and makes you feel alive.

Well as always there are a few rules to go with the award (so Mr Nowan Zen’s edict)

  1. Take a deep breath
  2. Think about who you’d like to pass this on to
  3. Do something weird and out of the ordinary today
  4. Post the award someplace conspicuous…..the underside of the hamper lid, inside of the lav door, at the bottom of the bird cage.

I took several deep breaths today, especially as I nearly choked o my sandwich when I read I was being nominated … so number one done.

I put on my Jimmy Choos while still in my PJs just because I wanted to feel pretty, and my feet really did … so I think that covers number three.

I posted the award underneath my desk, just in case a midget or leprechaun happens to come by … number four done too.

Now to my passionate co-bloggers who live colourful lives I love to follow

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3) realityinprogress

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