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Since my flight leaves tomorrow morning even before the first birds take off into the skies I decided to write a quick post now.

Originally I was meant to invade Germany on Wednesday and I had this whole plan of action mapped out, who was I going to overrun first and how would I make them all do what i want to do. Sadly work had other ideas and with surprisingly little kicking and screaming on my part I was a true jet-setter and just changed my flights with a click of my mouse.

Obviously it now means my invasion plans have all evaporated and I am now stuck with only a  few days to see, do and buy everything I need, want and have to. I will have to dig deep into my German, efficient side and do a quick strike.

For all of those of you who may miss reading my whimsical thoughts and random ideas I will be back on Thursday and hopefully a new nest of weirdness will have settled in the recesses of my mind and I will have lots of posts just waiting to erupt from my fingertips.

So it’s up, up and away for me but worry not like a boomerang I will return!


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